Cross Docking/ Transloading

If you are looking for a delivery service that requires little to no handling and need for storage, then, cross-docking is for you. Tenaxx Logistics has various docking terminals where inbound merchandise is unloaded and sorted according to the end destination. Screening is done, and with a forklift, pallet truck, etc., the cargo gets transported to the external dock.

It ensures the timeliness of deliveries and preserves the state of your cargo. It is a suitable technique especially for those who are transporting perishable goods. With the reduced need for storage, attributed to this method, it results in the reduction in the overall cost of transportation.

Situations where cross-docking can apply:

  • It gives room for the implementation of the “hub and spoke” process. With a central docking terminal, similar goods are efficiently sorted and combined, before delivery to their various destinations. It enhances productivity while at the same time ensuring that delivery is timely.
  • Sometimes for smoother delivery of massive loads, we adopt deconsolidation arrangements so that we break down the large loads into smaller, more manageable to transport, loads.
  • To save on the cost of transport, you can opt for a combination of several small loads into one method of transportation.