Cross Docking Services

Tenaxx Logistics offers 24/7 cross-dock services in Canada

What is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking improves logistics and transportation services by unloading products from incoming trucks or containers and then preparing these products through specific labeling and packaging, for outbound shipping and order fulfillment. Cross dock systems eliminate the mid storage aspect of the distribution and logistics process, as your product never moves into the warehouse any further than the staging area of our facilities.

Cross Docking is well-Suited for products such as:

  • Perishable items such as food, flowers, and pharmaceutical products
  • Products that are already confirmed or ticketed (i.e. using barcodes)
  • Retail products where demand is high or fluctuated depending on seasonality or other factors
  • New products that are being introduced to the marketplace

When the end customers are not close to their manufacturer, or suppliers, cross docking offers a more regionalized approach to distribution which reduces the overall delivery time upon order placement.

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If you are looking for a delivery service that requires little to no handling and need for storage, then, cross-docking is right for you. Tenaxx Logistics has various docking terminals where the inbound shipment is unloaded and sorted according to the end destination. Screening is done, and with a forklift, pallet truck, etc., the shipment gets transported to the external dock for final delivery. To know more about our cross docking services, please contact us today.