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As world trade expands rapidly, supply chain logistics provide a framework for the rapid growth of world trade. Tenaxx Logistics offers supply chain solutions through a fully organized network of warehousing, warehousing, and transportation. Tenaxx Logistics manages its inventory and assets independently using strategically designed warehousing facilities by leveraging the best transportation available. Establishing a cross-national and international network By doing so, Tenaxx Logistics has grown to be one of the best supply chain providers to provide top-notch customer service. At a very competitive price.


Cross Docking / Transloading
Most shipping and logistics operations require multiple shipping modes. Our logistics experts provide turnkey transshipment logistics services for all of them to seamlessly move goods between road, rail, airline, or sea.
Dedicated Warehousing
Tenaxx Logistics provides a warehouse management solution tailored to your specific requirements. We create innovative, achievable, and manageable solutions for clients who wish to outsource their customized and dedicated warehousing.
Shared Warehousing
we understand the importance of storage and offer our customers the most space at the lowest cost. Tenaxx Logistics shared warehousing solutions are cost-effective, and customers only have to pay for space and services they use.
Order Fulfillment / Pick & Pack
Tenaxx Logistics has the ability to design the perfect supply chain solution that meets your business needs and improves customer satisfaction. We use the Pick and Pack service for many order fulfillment services, such as filling in the sign-up box and meeting customers directly. Whatever you need, we help you.
Retail Distribution in Canada
Tenaxx Logistics offers a wide range of retail distribution services to support today’s retail distribution centers in Canada. We can help your fulfillment center get efficient, accurate, and fast retail distribution services.
Transportation Management
With more transportation options, Tenaxx Logistics can serve a wider range of customers. Apart from many different shipping options, customers can schedule pickups and track orders in real-time. You can also easily manage returns and exchanges.

Another very important aspect of logistics in the supply chain is the warehouse. At Tenaxx Logistics, storage is managed by a system that helps you manage your inventory and shipments efficiently. The key aspects of Tenaxx Logistics storage are:

Inventory Management: Our multiple warehouses handle different types of inventory and better manage large inventories to ensure efficient and effective delivery of goods.
In-house warehousing system: The integration of Tenaxx Logistics’s warehousing system with all major shipping partners and ordering channels helps speed delivery and enables efficient warehousing with multiple locations and multiple tenants. This allows customers to flexibly and quickly expand their activities nationwide at no fixed cost.
Economic Benefits: Tenaxx Logistics offers an integrated solution for distribution to multiple companies. This is done using our shipping and warehousing solutions, which are very cost-effective and facilitates faster offline distribution.
Tenaxx Logistics’s warehousing system enables efficient warehousing, while our data analysis helps reduce the risk of shipping delays.

Active use of big data: The insights that big data provides prove that data is an integral part of the supply chain. We proactively use big data to achieve everything from identifying inefficiencies to creating and implementing proposed solutions.

Fast service: Our Logistics Services is committed to providing high-quality, fast, and efficient service to all our customers. We aim to be the best in its class by providing professional customer service that exceeds all expectations.
Reliable delivery: Tenaxx Logistics is committed to providing our customers with high-quality service. Our goal is to deliver on time in a safe and reliable way every time.
24/7 support: Don’t waste your time. Our Logistics Services provides a quick and professional response to any unexpected problems you may encounter.

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