Retail Distribution In Canada

We value our partnerships with our clients. To foster strong bonds, Tenaxx Logistics ensures seamless deliveries and accuracy of the cargo for different retailers. We do not bias over who the client is, our tailored services ensure that we meet our client’s expectations or even surpass it.

Our services include:

  • Coordination of your merchandise upon arrival. We will retrieve your cargo from the ports while ensuring that you do not incur unnecessary charges such as the Port Detention charge, etc.
  • Sorting and packaging of the load, on arrival. We have a firm belief in transparency and will provide you with a receiving report which will record the actual quantity and SKU as received.
  • Labeling of the load and timely deliveries.

We understand you need to get your cargo within the appointed shipping window. Our team of dedicated staff will work around the clock to ensure this. Call us now for fast and efficient deliveries for your retail business.