Changing Landscape of Retailing in Canada

Retailing in Canada

One of the areas most profoundly affected by the creative destruction of innovation is retail marketing. With the growth of online shopping, many retailers are finding it hard to compete with their online rivals.

But it would still take a long time for retail marketing to be completely overtaken by online sellers. Shops are still thriving, and a lot of investment is still being made in the retail sector. If you live in Canada, especially in the Cambridge Ontario area, you would be familiar with the sight of new showrooms opening up and new retail facilities being set up.

But in order to remain competitive, the retailers have to be up to date with the latest retail distribution measures being adopted. On the other hand, companies who still believe in the power of retail shops have to ensure proper distribution of their products.

This could be a slightly tricky task as how successful you are in dispersing your products through the market also depends upon the distributor you are hiring. The retail distributor in Canada you are hiring should be able to get your products delivered to the key markets.

While choosing a retail distributor in Canada, make sure he possesses the technical and technological wherewithal to work with all types of retailers.

Some of them require the products to be packaged impeccably with bar codes and other documentation. Some others may require distribution not to shops but to their warehouses or pick-up points. Your retail distributor in Canada should be able to manage all of them.

Another area where your retail distributor in Canada needs to be flexible is delivering just the right amount to various shops. It stands to reason that brick and mortar shops would require less quantity of a product than a large supermarket. The trick that your retail distributor has perfect is maximizing the delivery while keeping the distance traversed economical for both the agency and the clients.

Also, remember the kind of relationship you share with your retail distributor in Canada. He is both your representative as well as the customer. Making sure that he is able to represent you successfully is another important task.