ERP Software in Logistics Industry

ERP software in Logistics Industry

We all know that logistics and shipping industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. Without logistics and shipping, import and export of goods and products would not possible across the world. A lot of challenges are faced by these types of businesses in managing logistics processes like freight cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, import export duties, assets, follow up with client’s payments, record and stacking of goods, maintaining material prices etc. So, logistics businesses need to make sure that right data and information is available all the time. To fulfill this requirement ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software has been developed.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software combines different applications that aid the flow of data and information within a company, making it a powerful tool for Logistics. This software program lets fleet operators manage business processes like staff management and product distribution, and provide companies with valuable information at every stage of the supply chain.

ERP Benefits

  • Company has all visibility and access across the supply chain management which provides transparency of processes across all the levels.
  • ERP provides reports which help companies to check invoices details, keep a record on taxations, track the expenses, inventory control, maintaining stocks of consignment, products and damaged goods.
  • ERP software come with real-time data analytics that provides organizations with beneficial business information. Companies use these programs to determine out-of-stock inventories, handle orders from suppliers, and execute orders for customers.
  • ERP is a useful tool for staff maintenance. Logistics operators can manage employee hours and rest breaks from the ERP program, and collect information about the staff performance. ERP software back up staff data like payrolls, contracts, attendance etc. so a company can access data after a power failure, a security breach or a natural disaster.