introduction to reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is that of type of packaging which can be used more than one time. It is often introduced to promote longevity, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and ease of repair. Reusable packaging options are an efficient way to transport goods because the packaging is made to be used over and over it is more durable and does a better task of protecting goods.

The Main Types of Reusable Packaging Used

There are many categories of reusable packaging typically use for industrial applications. The packaging types which can be reused are:

• Pallet collars
• Reusable pallets
• Reusable handheld containers
• Reusable bulk containers
• Reusable wraps and straps

Under What Conditions Reusable Packaging Gives Maximum Advantage?

The company can take maximum advantage of the savings offered by reusable packaging in scenarios such as:

• High-volume shipments
• Frequent deliveries
• Shorter distances delivery
• Dedicated delivery provider
• High volumes of solid waste
• Frequent shrinkage or product damage
• Expensive expendable packaging
• Underutilized trailer space in transportation
• Inefficient storage or warehouse space
• Significant need for cleanliness and hygiene
• Need for unitization

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What Industries Use Reusable Packaging?

Reusable packaging is used in many industry areas, and in many points along supply chains. The industries where reusable’s packaging can be used includes:

• Food and grocery
• Pharmaceutical
• Electronics
• Chemicals
• Textile
• Beverage
• General manufacturing
• Appliance
• Automotive

Benefits of Reusable Packaging

The use of reusable packaging can be a great opportunity for companies to help achieve their economic, ergonomic and sustainability goals. Economic benefits come from direct savings in packaging purchase and disposal cost as a result of reusing. Reusable packaging is also related to better protection of parts and reduced damage. Storage and transportation efficiencies also result from their superior strength for stacking of full containers, and when empty, through a collapsible or nestable design of pallets and containers. We can achieve sustainability goals by avoiding the expendable packaging, thus negating the need to dispose of it or to divert it away from the landfill through efforts to recycle.

The Bottom Line

Reusable packaging presents a great option for many companies to help achieve their economic, ergonomic and environmental goals. Get in touch with the experts at Tenaxx Logistics today for more information about how using reusable packaging techniques can improve the efficiency of your supply chain and help you meet your supply chain goals.