Key Benefits of a Shared Warehousing

Improving productivity at your warehouse

Shared warehouse space can fit all of your requirements such as storing your products, minimize spend and proper storage area for keeping your products. If you’re searching for a warehouse to complete your supply chain needs, you may have some reservations about your product sharing space with other products in the same building. However, the advantages of sharing a space far exceed the disadvantages.

Here are the five key benefits of a shared warehouse space:

1. Cost – By sharing warehousing space, costs are shared by all clients, which ultimately reduces your expenses and save storage costs. Your company only pays for the space you need.

2. Shared resources – Some warehouses offer specific storage needs like temperature controlled and refrigerated space if needed. Your products will be carefully and correctly stored in the warehouse under the supervision of experts.

3. Vast Industry knowledge – A 3PL with shared warehousing has employees that have been exposed to multiple types of products. They have experience and knowledge with niche industries.

4. Expertise – You will have access to state-of-the-art warehouse and management systems. 3PLs with shared warehousing knows how to manage your freight correctly with things like online reporting and KPIs.

5. Security – With security guards on 24/7 duty, cameras and building maintenance and WMS and IT infrastructure, your product are in the best hands and under high security.