Some Interesting Facts About the Logistics Industry

Interesting Facts about logistics Industry

Logistics Is One of The World’s Largest Industries: Nearly 70 percent of freight transported within the U.S. depends on trucks. In fact, trucks transport $671 billion worth of manufactured goods every year.

Logistics and Supply Chain Is Made Up from Six Sectors: The first four refers to the transportation of goods; specifically, road, maritime, air, and rail and the other two is storage and warehousing.

It Is One of The Largest Job Creators: One of the biggest challenges in this industry is manpower. There is already an enormous shortage of skilled workers for this sector, and the number of unfilled jobs is expected to increase even more.

Same-Day Delivery Is No Longer Impossible: In order for online retail to compete with shops, it becomes more important to deliver goods as soon as possible. Since advances and automation in warehousing allow online retailers to have stocks ready for delivery at any time, same-day delivery is no longer impossible.

Everything Else Is Heavily Dependent on This Industry: From the food we eat, up to the clothes we wear, everything is transported to us by trucks, if they stop running, there will be very few supplies left. Even gasoline will run out, increasing gas costs too.

Big Data Analytics Will Change the Industry: Beyond the big challenge of transportation and delivery, companies need to understand the demand for products to make sure they have enough in stock at all times.
In fact, today at any given time, with the advancement in technology it is possible to know what items are in stock, and how many. Analysis of demand also will trigger orders, so items will never be out of stock.

Automation Plays A Huge Role in The Industry: The development and adoption of technology are resulting in better efficiency, reliability, sustainability. safety and security for all modes of transportation, warehousing and for logistics activities.

Last Mile Delivery Is the New Trend: While transporting goods across oceans and borders has developed immensely, there are still some challenges on what is called the last mile delivery. This is why several retailers like Amazon are considering innovative ideas like drone deliveries. Now with the advancement in technology, they are able to catch up to increasing demands in online shopping without the need for more manpower.
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