Use of Safety protocols and prevention of accidents.

Safety protocols are very important for any transportation company. For any shipping company or a trucking company, safety measures cannot be compromised in any case. No transportation company can survive long without taking good safety protocols as even one miss happening may lead to bankruptcy of the entire organization. Discussing safety, the most important safety work for Transportation Company is to install premium quality vehicle restraints at every loading dock.

Let us understand more about various crucial safety equipment’s and their importance in your company.

Vehicle Restraints and their working:

A vehicle restraint is a device made to hold the truck or any other heavy transport to stay and place at their parking place. Due to heavyweight, it becomes difficult to control the truck if it starts moving from the parking place. There are two models of vehicle restraints. They have the same motive, but both of them have different working methodologies. Let us have a look at the working of these two vehicle restraints.

SHADOW HOOK DOK-LOK: It is a locking system that works on the principle of alleviating the intermodal compatibly issues which set them apart. This important feature helps to prevent any type of trailer separation accidents and it is compatible with all kinds of trailers.

WHEEL-LOK: These are compatible with all kinds of trailers and are said to be the most reliable among all. The wheel guides into the proper position of the trailer which in turn protects the equipment and secures the dock. One thing you need to take care of is that the right model should be installed for the right type of purpose.

Uses of Vehicle Restraints:

Prevents Landing Gear failure: When the truck is joined with the trailer, it remains stable. But it is not possible to keep the trailer attached to the truck all the time. Therefore the trailers are parked separately and the support is provided by the landing gear. In any case the landing gear collapse or fails, it will lead to major accident and may cause serious injuries to the people and also it will damage the equipment. Thus, the vehicle restrainers keep the trailer in place even if the landing gear gets collapsed.

Trailer creeps issue: Wheels can create a dangerous situation at the dock in certain situations. While lifting the cargo, the trucks and slowly move away from the dock which made lead to a serious tragedy. A few years back, the wheel chock system was used to prevent trailer creep issues, but they were in no way as reliable as the restraint system.

Safety and efficiency: The purpose of this write-up is to make you aware that it is important to give priority to safety in every business line. Transportation Company survives only if the customers know that their goods will reach safely. Tenaxtransport comes with impeccable safety measures throughout the delivery, which makes it one of the premier transportation companies across the country. Get your quote today for experiencing the fastest delivery system with uncompromised safety features.