What are the advantages of Cross Docking?

Advantages of cross docking

If you are not very familiar with the logistics industry, you may be wondering what cross-docking is all about. As a business one of your areas of interest to improve and grow the company is the efficiency of production and speed. Cross-docking is a technique that reduces storage and handling time of merchandise.

At Tenaxx Logistics we offer cross-docking services. This service involves a single terminal where cargo goes in and out. In that, on one side is the receiving dock and the other the outbound dock.

Usually, inbound cargo is transport using trucks or trailers. They are unloaded, sorted then screened and using a suitable means of transportation; the goods are moved to the outbound dock to be on their way to their various destinations.

Advantages of Cross Docking

  • Reduction in cost

As cross docking requires little to no storage time, you don’t have to worry about renting space for your inventory. If after shipping, you opt for this service, you avoid various costs that may result due to timeliness, inventory or demand.

  • Minimizes Risk

When shipping your load, risk increases when humans are involved. In cross-docking, there is almost no opportunity for operation error that may result through moving your cargo in and out of storage. It limits the number of hands that may handle your goods.

  • Timeliness

You will not only receive your products in good time, but you will also get time to focus on other business areas and operations. The packaging, delivery, and processing are in the hands of Tenaxx logistics your warehouse partners.

  • Decrease in shipping time

After making an order, the product gets shipped, reaches the warehouse where is moved to an outbound means of transport to its destination. It gives room for on-demand shipping that grows your business and makes it more reliable for your customers.

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