Freight Brokerage: What Is It? What Does a

whay is freight brokerage

A last-minute cancellation by your carrier? You need to deliver a shipment, but you can’t find a truck to do it. By finding coverage quickly, freight brokerage services address this common logistics-related issue.

The freight brokerage services team at Tenaxx Logistics links clients who require immediate support for shipments with carriers who have the capacity. For companies big and small across the nation, we offer essential 3PL freight brokerage services. We also have experience in a variety of industries, including chemicals, automobiles, and consumer appliances.

In this article, we’ll explain what a freight brokerage is in detail, describe the duties of a freight broker, and explain the benefits of using a freight brokerage service.

What is a Freight Broker?

Shippers and carriers are connected through a freight broker. The broker doesn’t actually own the freight; instead, they help the shipper and the carrier connect. They are in charge of ensuring that the shipment and transfer between shippers and carriers go without a hitch and that the freight is delivered promptly and safely.

Because there is only one point of contact for them from A to B as their freight travels to its destination, shippers prefer working with freight brokers. By using a broker, the complicated process of negotiating with a carrier, arranging routes, and tracking freight is removed. Additionally, freight brokers are popular with carriers because they can help them optimize their routes and reduce deadhead miles, which increases profits quickly.

What is Freight Brokerage?

Freight brokerage is a service provided by a third-party logistics company(3PL) that links shippers with carriers to deliver loads. The simplest, least complicated way for shippers to ensure that a shipment arrives at its destination quickly is frequently to outsource their freight transportation needs rather than dealing directly with a carrier. Carriers save time and money by filling their truck capacity, and shippers can skip the paperwork and take care of urgent issues.

Logistics brokerage companies can find, book, and dispatch a truck right away and keep in touch with the client when a carrier cancels a contract, a shipper is unable to find a carrier that meets their needs, or a delivery needs to be made quickly. Brokerage logistics solutions are problem-solving services offered by readily accessible, logistics professionals.

Typical freight brokerage operations start with a coverage request, are immediately followed by an order tender, and then involve scheduling the freight. Dispatch, loading, transit, unloading, and delivery are all tasks that the 3PL helps with, and it also keeps clients informed of its progress by phone and email.

In what ways can freight broker services be useful?

Many shippers underestimate the advantages of using a freight broker. In fact, freight brokers can help you save both time and money. These experts can negotiate lower rates for you thanks to their deep industry knowledge and connections. They also handle all interactions between shippers and carriers. It’s important to understand how freight broker services operate in order to fully appreciate their advantages and effective use.

What does a freight broker do?

Order tender

An initial step in the transportation process is order tendering. The broker will now ask you for all the necessary details regarding your load, such as your name, address, weight, type, and dimensions of the freight, among other things. A freight company, a carrier, or a 3PL is contacted to schedule the load after the broker has gathered all the necessary information. We refer to this as load tendering. Additionally, the broker will request that you mention the handling requirements, commodity type, and other crucial information.

Load scheduling

Freight brokers will enter your load into a transportation management system, or TMS after you’ve submitted an offer to move the freight. Brokers can work more effectively with this specialized software for scheduling and managing loads. The best service for you can be ensured by brokers using TMS to locate trustable and thoroughly investigated carriers. The freight broker arranges pick-up and delivery times after the load booking is confirmed.


One of the key stages in the transportation process is freight loading, and brokers play a significant role in this stage. In order to coordinate the timely arrival of the drivers and the secure loading of the cargo, freight brokers communicate with the drivers. A bill of lading is then signed by the carrier, who is now in charge of your freight.


A 3PL uses the TMS to track and manage your freight while it’s in transit. Shippers receive regular updates and complete transparency in the shipping process thanks to cutting-edge software. Shippers can keep track of the progress of their freight with the help of freight brokers and a third-party logistics provider.


The bill of lading is signed by the consignee while the shipment is being unloaded. The paperwork is given to the broker and the shipper is invoiced after the carrier confirms successful unloading and completes all required paperwork.


Billing takes place when the freight broker sends the shipper an invoice and the shipper pays the bill to complete the freight shipping process.


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